Please just enjoy the selected nature artistic photos.

There is no catch in the exposed images as all of them can be printed at least on an A3 format.

There are also some photographs taken on film and being enlarged by my own procedures

and algorithms. If you really want to say something you are free to say using the below contact form and I will

answer fast if I will receive the email... This site is a continuation of the

blog which I deleted in the meanwhile...

Some images have won different prizes and mentions being active on artistic sites from

the entire world, but I think it is not a nice move to expose myself in this way.

 The main equipment used is represented by Olympus and Panasonic 4/3 and m4/3 digital cameras together with

some film cameras like Porst Reflex, Fed5 V and  Zorki 4 and a Sigma DP3 Merrill with the Foveon sensor.The

objectives used by me

are made by Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma (the ones with AF) and a range of manual glass made by

Russians, Germans, Japanese, Austrians (from Lomography), Koreans, Chinese (from Meike)  and Americans

(from Lensbaby). Some old

film images are made with Smena 8M,

Romanian Orizont, Agat and Zenit cameras.

 About the visitors data I can retain on this site

I am just a private person I am showing my work to the world and I may record some data you are sending to just to answer the emails. There is some Analytics program linked to this site regarding the visitors, their country and the time spent on the site and also some search engine terms but I only read this information and perhaps just adjust the keywords for the search engines. No serious research is done with visitors data, as I repeat, I am a private person and this is not a business. Thank you!!!

And just for fun, because the following pictures can't be
printed as an A3 format, but as big as 10x10 cm or 4x4 inches,
being made with the Lomography Diana Mini on film during a few years,
at this size I can guarantee a beautiful quality...
The next similar project, made with plastic snap cameras will be found at my second site: